Feedback Required: Community mini farm management

Community Mining Project

What started as a simple idea is very close to becoming a reality. The purpose of this post is to collect feedback about the management of the Community mining farm. As a reminder, one of the main objectives of the farm is to stop relying on donations from third parties and to always have coins available for community projects. This is not for profits in any sense.

There are already 5 G1 minis in operation. So far so good, it remains to be determined how the operation management procedure will be, and that is why we would like to know your opinion on what would it be right management for this.

Right now the access is via a encrypted VPN more or less something like this:

Of course, there some ideas, but it would be nice if all the comments and suggestions are collected here.

Common questions

  • Costs: the facility is offering to manage the equipment for 35% of the mined amount. As well as a one-time payment of 1,050 USDT to be exact.
  • Location: the exact location will be disclose it in the future with trustful community members.
  • Extra: the facility owners are also interested in supporting the Grin network by mining themselves and they are mining Grin along with other projects.

Thank you!


Cool idea! So the GrinCC would invest a portion (to be determined I assume?) of available funds into mining? Does the 35% facility-fee to manage the equipment include electricity costs?

Need to read this Community Council miners - we need your opinion - Governance - Grin.



To keep Grin open and free from controlling influences, the project relies 100% on community donations for its funding needs.

Does this fit well together or is there some conflict?

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If this operation grows, as I expect it will need to to satisfy the CC funding requirements, I wonder if it can be distributed across multiple facilities/cc members homes.

If CC is to derive its funding from this operation AND only one facility hosts the operation, then that once facility would be in a position of power over the CC. Best to distribute, so no one bad actor can interfere with CC funding.

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That’s good thinking, re: possible abuse of power. Perhaps machines distributed to as many forum members as possible (mining rewards to a CC-designation). They could be paid (electricity, hosting, …), or at least perhaps incentivised (sent a machine, or discounted, …).

Could we also imagine that BTC will remain the ‘primary source’ of funding? (for lack of a better term to say that a bulk/% of grin proceeds from mining is to be ‘vaulted/saved-up/untouchable’ for X time period due to a ‘depressed’ grin price, currently ‘more powerful/widely accepted’ BTC, …; and so BTC is spent ‘in priority’ over spending grin ‘reserves’).

I apologise for not being clear enough. I am referring strictly to the Community Council only and our guidelines define the appropriate use of the Funds like this:

Funds should be invested solely on activities related to Grin, without exceptions.

* Research and Development in areas related to Grin or Mimblewimble in general
* Fully open-sourced, community-based projects that enhance the Grin ecosystem
* Supporting non-profit, community-driven and inclusive promotional efforts for the Grin Community
* Supporting events and/or activities specifically related to Grin (i.e. conferences)
* Projects and/or Ideas oriented to strengthen and/or secure Grin

In my opinion this will even add more flexibility, specially to support events, activities, community-driven promotional efforts, projects to strengthen Grin, like for example to ensure seeders are distributed and properly running, financing a solid testnet environment, etc. all this from the get-go and without sacrificing funds that could be used for R&D, where the preference to accept BTC is more predominant for clear reasons.

No and yes. As the CC has expressed before: no specialised crypto mining facility was accepting miners other than BTC miners, only BTC miners. That was tried. Community members are welcome to host minis in their own homes from the beginning, but no requests have been received in almost a year, and in my opinion, due to the current atmosphere of instability, inflation and high energy prices, I think it might not be such a good decision to do so now.


Funds are not meant to be used to pay for this stuff, one, and second, that will be complicating things.

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About the abuse of power, I was simply replying to user coolwhip.