Event "In Rust We Trust"

Hey everyone knows that grin is written by Rust,and here is a blockchain event in SF 7/17.Welcome join!

In Rust We Trust

Blockchain projects need to be reliable, fast, and free of bugs as blockchains are responsible for securing large volumes of capital. Rust gives blockchain developers confidence they can do so.

Join us for a night of Rust, in the blockchain.


6pm Check in

6:30pm A Tour of the Rust Blockchain World

7:00pm Towards a True Programmable Blockchain World: An Introduction to CKB VM

7:30pm Rust Smart Contract APIs

8:00 Tendermint Key Management System and Abscissa Application Framework

8:30pm Drinks.

Detailed description of talks:

6:30pm A Tour of the Rust Blockchain World

Rust is a fairly popular language to build blockchain projects for obvious
reasons. If you are both a Rust developer and a blockchain enthusiast, please inquire, we have opportunities available.

Speaker: Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson co-founded the Rust programming language and its sister project, the Servo (https://github.com/servo/servo) web browser and has over a decade of professional experience in low-level programming.


7:00pm Towards a True Programmable Blockchain World: An Introduction to CKB VM

Aiming to build a truly flexible, programmable blockchain, Xuejie and his team have begun a unique and controversial journey: they built CKB VM on top of RISC-V – an open-source instruction set architecture – and created a powerful blockchain VM that unlocks new potential in the blockchain space. Xuejie will show us how the team built a flexible and performant VM with Rust, and how the CKB VM enables new possibilities in programming blockchains.

Speaker: Xuejie Xiao

Xuejie is the core developer on CKB VM (https://github.com/nervosnetwork/ckb-vm), a virtual machine built on Nervos CKB. He has been working on blockchain wallets and mining pools, as well as researching virtual machine technologies.


7:30pm Rust Smart Contract APIs

This talk will overview the existing Rust APIs, their architectural decisions (eDSL vs non-eDSL based approaches) and tradeoffs. It will also discuss whether the unification of the smart contract APIs is possible and in what form; as part of it Maksym will discuss whether WASI fits into Rust API picture. Maksym will discuss with us the possibilities of the model checking for Rust smart contracts.

Speaker: Maksym Zavershynskyi

Maksym gave several talks at Rust conferences on model checking, asynchronous Rust, and smart contracts. Maksym has Ph.D. in probabilistic algorithms and a decade of software engineering experience.


8:00pm Tendermint Key Management System and Abscissa Application Framework

A look into the KMS which provides Hardware Security Module support for Tendermint networks (e.g. Cosmos Hub, IRIS Network, Terra), and Abscissa, the Rust application framework it’s built on.

Speaker: Tony Arcieri

Tony is a cryptography and infrastructure engineer as well as co-founder of Iqlusion, a Proof-of-Stake validator infrastructure company. Prior to that he worked on the Platform Security/IAM team at Square.


8:30pm Drinks

Are you interested in speaking at Rust in Blockchain meetups in San Francisco, Berlin or Hangzhou, China? Please apply here: https://forms.gle/8JWTY1ZrtoKoUdYJ6

Rust in Blockchain

Rust in Blockchain is a monthly newsletter focused on Rust programming and blockchain development, with the goal of bringing engineering insight and experience to blockchain technology.

Supported by
Nervos Network

Nervos is building infrastructure for the decentralized economy with a layered architecture. The layer 1 protocol of the Nervos Network is the Common Knowledge Base (CKB), an open, public and Proof of Work based blockchain. The CKB provides store of assets and value, and serves as anchor of trust for layer 2s with unlimited scalability.


Really wish I could go to this!

Someone go for me and let us know how it is please!

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Cant see where to subscribe to that rust newsletter

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there will be event report s oon!

hey this is newletter!Welcome to subscribe!

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Hey the video has already released. Enjoy it!


Me also. But unfortunately, I live several thousand miles away :slightly_smiling_face:
‘In Rust we Trust’, I like the title (Rust is a really good language, I find it remarkably easier to use than many other languages-know just enough to do stuff like GRIN, but am studying it now to learn more.

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It is OK man,if you want you can get lots of free resource online and connect to anyone you want to .
https://rustinblockchain.org/ <—this is good for those who love Rust and blockchain.