Error when trying to open Grin++

Hi - I am trying to log into my Grin C++ wallet and receive an error after entering my username and password:

CheckForOutputs: GetOutputsByLeafIndex: Failed to build OutputDTO at LeafIndex(6457113)

Please advise how to resolve.

Best to ask such questions on the Grin++ Telegram support (Telegram: Contact @GrinPP).
Some useful questions:

  1. What version are you using?
  2. Did you recently upgrade your wallet software to a newer version?
  3. Did you try to resync (Click on the setting button that looks like a mixing panel, and then click resync, wait till you synced again)
  4. Did you try to recover your wallet from a mnemonic
  5. What is the status shown in the left bottom corner of the wallet?

My guess is that if you try the resync (see question 3), it will solve your problem.