Do you even withrawal ? BitForex?

BitForex who is so proud of being one of the platform receiving the most volume among all the exchanges just anounced their withdrawal availabilities today! Do you use BitForex ? where are you withdrawaling your grin coins to??
BitForex withdrawal open time:01/23/2019 at 15:00(GMT+8)
BitForex web:

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Has anyone had a successful withdrawal yet?

EDIT: time zones, I guess they aren’t open for several more hours…

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I saw someone did on bitforex telegram. I feel like you can ask them.

I would like to talk to someone who has successfully withdrawn Grin from Bitforex to their Grin Wallet. I have yet to be successful with it and need help making sure I have everything set correctly. Thanks anyone who can help.

I have seen an announcement from them where they require HTTPS wallets. That may be the problem?

Hmm, good info. Thank you, I wonder if my wallet on Ubuntu can be secured to to be an HTTPS wallet.

Yes, it’s possible, but you’ll need a domain (Dynamic DNS is OK though).

I installed a free TLS certificate from LetsEncrypt and it’s working fine (I tested with a small HTTPS payment from another source).

The only problem is the BitForex withdrawal has been in process for almost a day now.

Has anyone managed to get Grin out of BitForex?