Cuckatoo31 is no more

As of block (52+30)*7*24*60 = 826560, the graph_weight of C31 has fallen to 0,
making it impossible to solve blocks with C31.

Congratulations to the miner of block
the last ever C31 block in Grin!

Although it really didn’t make sense to be mining C31 in the past week, where its graph_weight was 31 times less than before the phase-out. We suspect that even now, some people may still be mining C31, unaware that it’s a complete waste of electricity. At least the above miner got some bragging rights. is advised to remove the entry for C31.
I’ll be just a little sad to see only two grinning smilies instead of the current three in a row.
EDIT: They did in fact remove it…


Do not tell Greenpeace.


Thanks post! I use a long time Cuckatoo32

Requiescat in pace Cuckatoo31

It will over after 18month.