Contest: biggest real world Grin transaction

I propose a contest to see who has bought or sold something for the most Grin. I know a few of us have bought/sold ASICs for Grin. I’ve seen some beers exchanged. What else?

Contest Prize:

  • 1% of transaction value or 1K Grin (whichever is least), but no less than 100 Grin

Contest Rules:

  • Transaction must occur on blockchain. No exchange trades.
  • Transaction must be a purchase or sale of physical goods for Grin only.
  • Share a proof of purchase, including a Grin payment proof and a photo of the goods with a handwritten note with your username and date

Contest ends 12a UTC on Wednesday 4/10


I bought peanut butter from tunesia once and paid with grin and also a shirt from tmgox i still own. Jeez, cant believe its already 4 years ago.
I am curious to see who can beat that.


Well at this rate, your’re winning! You’re prize would be ~7 grin, but that seems too small. I’m going to update the rules, the minimum prize will be 100 Grin.

But… anyone can take the prize from you if they buy something for more than $42 worth of Grin!

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I think I could be the first one who bought 2 g1 mini miners with 9875 :grin:


Nice looking ASICs there :wink:

You’re the new leader!

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