Change grin forum sign up process?

Greetings, humans!

I’ve been contemplating whether it’s possible to alter the sign-up process for the Grin forum.

Rather than relying on email, could we transition to a seed phase approach?

Every user who wishes to create an account on would be mandated to employ a public and private key, similar to the Nostr or Session app.

To combat spam, each user would be charged a one-time fee of 1 coin to establish their account. Additionally, a continuous cost of 50 nano grin per second would be required for forum usage.

It’s a nice idea, but no. I think the management overhead of just keeping this off the shelf forum online is already enough. There is not the willpower to write and maintain something custom like that, and if there was it should be going into grin gui or another core function.

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Why do you want to change the process? It feels to me like everyone has an email and knows how to generate one (unlike public/private key), so the new registration would be harder. Requiring a payment of 1 coin would not prevent the spam, just make people not register because the process would be too complicated.

Modifying the procedure affirms the understanding of individuals regarding the functionality of the currency.

I don’t perceive myself as an intelligent individual, yet comprehending it is not perplexing for me.

Simply out of curiosity, what would be the approximate cost of the overhaul?

Great idea, it will motivate people to use Grin finally, and they will learn how slatepacks are working, so we will filter random humans without proper knowledge, I am supporting this, this is true web3 way!

Just to use forum? Not sure. If you are paying to IPFS for data storage, it can be possible. We need to create forum at decentralized platform for this.

Also this plugin can be integrated at any other project to create auth based webapp on Grin :slight_smile:

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how is this motivational? “this cryptocurrency seems interesting, need to ask a few questions first, let me try…oh i need to buy it first and then send it to create an account on forum” → to me that’s a no-no, we would imo lose 90% of new forum people (even now we don’t have many of them). The idea is interesting but imo not practical.

We have grin docs to see how the coin works

It’s not like they can’t view everything that’s being said.

They just can’t participate without grin

Communication at messengers like Telegram or Keybase is much faster and productive way to do this from my point of view. Conversation at messenger is more “live”.

It would be cool if we eventually started using a more decentralized network like Nostr for discussions

Here is a blog post about a reddit-like app for example

But the nice thing is that we can just start using stuff and see what catches on. Just like how people talk about Grin on twitter in a decentralized way

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One of the nice things of a forum like this is that everyone can join and contribute. Some can do art, some marketing, some design, some can do crypto. All are :grin:. @Goonyer what you propose would create too much of a barrier for regular people. Still the idea to use something like Nostr in an experimental setup would be cool, but not for the main forum.

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All of this is doable with Nostr, and I don’t see the barrier to entry. If anything the barrier is lower, because you don’t even need an email to create an account

[edit] I just tried and my mind is blown. The experience is even better than I expected, and it took a whopping 3 seconds to dive in and get immersed in a community

I’ll join if you want to make a community. Idk if you can add moderators after the fact or if you need the whole mod team up front

Note that no matter who the mod team is, there is a feature to simply bypass moderated posts and see ALL posts made to a community without moderation

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the barrier is higher just based off of a fact that everyone knows how to use an email and nobody knows what nostr is :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most people don’t know what Disqus is either, and yet we all managed to make it here and chat with each other :smiley:

Idk why the protocol is considered a barrier to entry. Users see an app called Kiwi, and they open up the app and see ‘reddit’. I say its a lower barrier to entry, because there isn’t even a sign up process. Its literally just open the app and go.

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Nice ideas, anyways, I think we can test in subdomain like… or something like that.
If it fails, we can simply remove it, if it could be successful, we can migrate forum to new thing.

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We can tell the same about grin lol. Adoption is a key.


exactly, adoption is key and emails are adopted globally, kiwi (or any other nostr client) isn’t. For example if i came here and it would demand from me to download a new app on my phone to use the forum i would never do it, it’s a complete overkill imo (unless i was already using that app for something else, but i wouldn’t be since it has no adoption)

You could say the same for Keybase. Keybase has very low adoption globally, yet we require people to install keybase on their phones if they want to chat with the community. Why is that different? We could use any of a myriad of widely used chat platforms, but instead we choose Keybase which 99% of people don’t use and havent even heard of.

Seems like a double standard

I wasn’t around when keybase was chosen, but i assume they had good reasons back then. My view is that keybase is not meant to be used by everyone, we have telegram for that. I remember joining telegram and i left the same day because there was too much going on, so i prefer a smaller community of more technical people, which keybase, at least currently, is imo (haven’t checked telegram in a long time though).