Blog section on website for core team announcements

Details and implementation:

We’ve been talking about something like this for a while, and I finally got around to try and figure it out. The idea is still to have accompanying forum posts for discussions, but also to improve visibility of important announcements, making them more discoverable for non-forum members, and having them all gathered in one place for historical tracking.


Very good! For marketing purposes and for interested parties to see project developments at a glanse, such a blog showing mile stones is a must.

Another thing that would be good from a marketing and a communication point of view would be to have a roadmap. This is more difficult since priorities change all the time and it should not be restrictive and will be subjected to change. However, having a rough roadmap to show the direction Grin is going to as well as to showcase past milestones, would be great. Here an example, Horizen ZEN’s roadmap.

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I suggest posting the weekly meeting logs over there as well. Not sure in what format though, don’t want to obstruct the flow of the big posts.

Maybe a list of the links to the weekly meeting notes in the side pane to show there are weekly meetings and give quick access. Blog post on major milestones and possibly every year or so a blog with an updated roadmap in the centre section of the site.

@Paouky I wouldn’t want to drown out the important updates with a bunch of routine noise. We already have that problem on reddit, Twitter, etc. I think it’s better to just keep this limited to occasional announcements and writeups.


@david I completely agree, that’s what I mean. I don’t think it should draw attention from the regular posts.
At the moment the logs are quite hidden in some corner of the forum, and it would be net positive to slightly increase their exposure, if only to let people know that this how the project operates. Monero does it somewhat nicely.
But true. it shouldn’t come at the expanse of other more important things.

On second thought I think it’s most suited to be on the ‘Governance’ tab. I’ll make a PR to add it.

edit: I just found out that they’re already listed in the ‘Community’ tab, so there’s no need.