BKEX.COM disabled GRIN trading and you can only withdraw

“Currently we only support GRIN wallets with MEMO tags. If your private wallet does not have MEMO, you can try to use a wallet with MEMO tags to withdraw”

Since I’m using GRIN++ I don’t have a memo tag… would my wallet receive the funds if I just use a “random tag” ?

Dont put a random tag but can enter 00 and try with a few Grin and if it works, withdraw the rest. Those memo for withdrawing, they need to put a ‘‘No tag’’ just like gate.io but it doesnt exists.

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gate require kyc verification

They keep ignoring everything and do not send the funds with or without a memo.
They are doing it manually so I don’t know what their problem is anyway…

“It is recommended that you check on different market websites to see if there are other platforms such as wallets or transactions that also support”

Why are you trying to use BKEX, do you have funds stuck on there? Tradeogre works.

His grin withdrawal stuck. Bkex invented a ‘’ withdrawal MEMO’’ out of blue, there was no such thing. They should ‘ve put ‘’ No memo tag’’ while withdrawing, It is annoying those exchanges delist but resist to process withdrawals. Bittrex done the same kind trick, when delisted.


Oh, that’s terrible.

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“For the safety of your assets, please use the GRIN wallet with MEMO for withdrawal”

fucking scammers :grin:

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They finally did it.
After tens of emails, multiple chats, two weeks, multiple withdraw attempts…
They finally managed to transfer GRIN