Beam is more successful than Grin?

it is useless at everybase layer. 100 users with a coin cant beat a 30 million user base.

you can track 100 ,but you dont have resources to track millions. Harder it gets,when adoption grows.

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I don’t know why you’re here when you don’t believe in GRIN?
What is your goal of belittling?
Who lied to you that you will get rich from GRIN?
Who made you invest in GRIN?
Who promised you that GRIN would succeed?

It seems to me that you are just angry because GRIN is not going to the moon.

Time will show!


why you want Grin to drop more?

why you FUD indirectly,as if you worship holy? and blame other people with morals?

why you invested in Grin? Becuz Grin will take you to heaven?

and who are you the moral authority questioning people belief?
it seems to me you are a greedy guy,who wants to buy Grin from lower prices.

you didnt mean it,you have no knowledge about inflation and monetary policy.

I first knew Grin because its one of the most profitable coin back to mid 2018 mining using 2080Ti. I mined BTC back to 2010, and later LTC. And Mined ETH 2016. I always did some research when mining a coin. I’d say before Grin, my choice is always the best for my GPU (GTX 975 for BTC at 2010 and LTC 2011, and 1080Ti for ETH at 2016).

Before I started to mining Grin, I sure did some research too. I buy its concept and many of its good facts. However, I become more and more disappointed when no easy-to-use wallet exsists and lack of support of exchanges.

I really don’t want to admit I fail this time on Grin.

I only mined four coins: BTC (2010), LTC(2011-2012), ETH(2016), and Grin (2018 till now). Now I switch back to ETH for my half hashrates.

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man,who cares your mining agenda?

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Thanks for the honest answer.

“I become more and more disappointed when no easy-to-use wallet exsists and lack of support of exchanges”
You have no patience. Never forget the pizza for BTC

No one is forcing you to invest in GRIN, there is no need to belittle GRIN.

Mining ETH and turn it into FIAT or the coins you believe in.

You probably thought the same about BTC as you did about GRIN today because you didn’t save the mining BTC from 2010. It would be rich today

All the best!

lol you were saying Grin wasnt created for profit now dreaming about Pizza Bitcoin lottery?)

it is an example of merging

my final comments.There are guys among us,who FUD and want toprogress slow,because of greedy motives.

Who speaks about high inflation or emission is fit in this category.Period.

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No. It is not about just inflation, but more about supply and demand and hoarding problem. :grin:


Beam flipped Grin ages ago. It was only recently that Grin’s price surpassed it again. There has been lengthy discussion on this before, eg 3 Reasons Why BEAM is Winning - #41 by Grinspan

Grin price is too high it not worthy a penny it will be 0.001$ for coin/

@GrinDarkNetBank Any comment you make, is negative and offensive against Grin. So why bother? Also if I remember correctly you had asked for Grin in another post and you think it’s not worth a penny?

please, update to v1.2.3 :slight_smile:


I guess Grin was more successful last month with 2x higher price than Beam :wink:


The was due to increased demand for Grin, you have to pay using Grin to buy a mini miner.

So the conclusion must be that there must be things that can be done to cause an increase demand for Grin, so that the price increases in fiat, not only for hoarding and speculation.


  • Transactions low
  • Hoarding very high
  • Supply low

Grin (Like Gold/Silver)

  • Transactions very low (should be high or very high)
  • Hoarding normal or high
  • Supply normal


  • Transactions very high
  • Hoarding low, high in the Banks
  • Supply very high



Bitcoin cant be like is not fungible.
Gold is fungible,Grin is trying to be fungible
Gold is infinte supply as Grin…
Grin=Gold or Silver

Well the matter of fungible is another matter that wasn’t discussed above, but you are right about infinite supply and Bitcoin is not like Gold / Silver (I edited the comment above).

I emphasize the hoarding, although other restrictions may overlap. Another proof is on the chart. If you look at the fractal price chart, the current Grin price is very similar to the movement of gold or silver prices.

Could the next question arise, why is it similar even though the prices of gold and silver are fixed twice a day in London? :grin:

Another important point is the fast and slow phase of prices. Silver took 20 years before going up in the next 10 years and then going down in the next 5 years. If equated with Grin, the 2-year projection before increases this year and decreases in the following 6 months. :grin:

The Grin price fractal is very different from the Bitcoin price fractal.

Grin, Silver and Gold

images (2)


Last picture source: The Market Cycle Wears No Clothes | Hacker Noon