Archive testnet node can't be synced

I’d like to play around with node Testnet but the chain height can’t be synced, the header is updated well.
Has someone got same issue?
Thank you,

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I am not 100% sure, but maybe you have a mainnet node running on the same pc?

No, it’s a new machine that I installed.

You’re connected to my archive node which last I checked can sync from scratch, but I haven’t looked at the gui in a while.

When in doubt, grin --testnet clean, and try again.

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I ran command “grin --testnet clean” to clean chain_data but same issue, could you zip your chain_data directory and upload it to somewhere? I will merge it with my machine, it’s much faster.

Sharing the zip file doesn’t address the problem. Is there a problem with node syncing that hasn’t been observed on mainnet? Or perhaps it did get in the way of some new users and they just never reported it / gave up?

If you have peers, you should be able to sync.

do you have port 13413 open for TCP for testnet? mainnet requires 3413 so maybe that’s missing (although it seems like you synced headers)