Anyone wana partner to offer cloud mining services?

I have access to a massive amount of mining power, but I lack the technology to set up a cloud mining service at this time. I’d be up for splitting profits 50/50 with the right person/team. Need to be able to manage mining of grin on large scale, automate sale of mining power through web interface, and manage daily payments to hardware owners. If you are interested email me at (make sure to put “Cloud Mining” in your subject) or PM me here and we can talk on Telegram.

Hi, I’m Guzman from Luxor ( /

I would like to get a bit more info on your proposal and brainstorm ways in which we can partner.

I can’t seem to be able to PM you. Feel free to email me at / DIscord: GuzmanPintos#3318 / Telegram: @guzmanpintos

Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Reached back out to you. Also I just realized that you can’t PM unless you have contributed on the forums already, so anyone else who is interested please reach out to me at send me your telegram with the subject “Cloud Mining” (so I make sure to check it) I will add you and we can talk.