Luxor joins the Grin Family

Hey Grin Community!

At Luxor we’ve been following MimbleWimble and Grin in particular for a few months now. We’re very excited to join the Grin community as we share some of its core values: Decentralization & True Privacy.

We want to see this project thrive, that’s why we decided to support this project by creating a high quality mining pool. We’re releasing our first iteration of User Accounts along with the Grin Mining Pool!

On top of that we set aside a few hours of our team to do some research about Grin and put along a few interesting article to help the community:

  • Grin: The First MimbleWimble Implementation
  • How to install and run a Grin Node + Wallet

Finally we decided to donate to the Core-Devs to continue funding development! We’re thrilled to become Grin’s Friends.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our Discord Channel and keep talking about Grin & MimbleWimble.


Luxor Tech Team