Anyone else seeing discrepancies between local GPS and pool reported GPS?

I’m mining locally with a 4.15 GPS but the pool is reporting 0.77 - anyone else seeing this kind of discrepancy and know if there is a fix?

What miner and pool are you using? I was seeing the same thing with GrinGoldMiner on If you are using GrinGoldMiner, downgrade to RC3. The GitHub repository was updated to warn about a difficulty bug in GrinMint.

GrinGoldMiner GitHub:

Edit: I misread the GitHub warning initially. RC4 should be fine on other pools.

The bug is not in RC4 it is in grinmint.

@Photon is correct. I’ve updated my reply.

Thanks good catch. I had my GPU using GrinGoldMiner on GrinMint and downgraded to R3.

Although I also have the main grin-miner doing GPU mining on GrinMint, that reports 320 GPS on the client but GrinMint shows 0 GPS.

Edit: Actually my GPU is a bit better now, but its showing 4 GPS locally and 1 GPS on the site. Still a fair gap.

I haven’t tried grin-miner yet. As for the reported graph rate on Grinmint, mine has been fairly close to what my miner reports locally.