Rx580 GPS rate low?

I have 6 rx580 gpus mining grin. Right now the total GPS .4289 and each individual gpu has a graph time around 14. Is that sound right, or is something wrong.

One of the reasons I ask is because there was a post on this forum that 1080ti gpus should get around 1 GPS. If that’s the case one 1080ti would get 100% more GPS than my six rx580s combined.


have a look at mining stats over here https://github.com/mimblewimble/docs/wiki/GPU-Mining-Stats. With Cuckaroo 29 and a GTX 1080ti I achieve 3.22 GPS atm.

Something seems seriously wrong then.

From the mining stats link you posted, the rx570 ( comparable to my rx580s ) get 0.835 GPS each. All six of my rx580s are only getting .4289 GPS combined. If anyone as any idea of what could be going wrong, I’d be more than grateful on any advice at this point.

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4gb RX cards get 0.6-0.9, 8gb RX cards 1.2-1.7

-Make sure your virtual memory is sufficient. atleast 48000mb.
-Test with just 1x GPU in case there is some kind of memory or CPU bottleneck
-Try using a different miner
-Try using different AMD drivers. 18.5.1 seems to work OK.

Thank you.

@Neo I forgot to mention that I’m running on Linux Ubuntu 18.04. See my last sentence in this post.

  • I’ve unplugged 5 of the 6 graphics cards and the sole graphics card runs at .076 GPS. So it doesn’t look like there is a CPU or memory bottleneck.
  • The virtual memory is over 48000mb, so we’re good on that front.

As for your forth point of using different AMD drivers. What else would you suggest? I thought amdgpu driver was my only option for driver for linux.

I’m mining with RX580’s and are getting 1.75/1.78 gps per card, using around 132W/GPU

The 6GPU rigs are getting 10 gps
The 8GPU rigs are getting 15 gps

All running win10, GrinGold, Sapphire Rx580 8GB SE (blue ones), 1364/2150

I’m mining on just one RX580 8gb card and am getting about 1.6 GPS. No BIOS flash, no overclocking, on compute mode on v18.10 adrenaline driver. Using GrinGoldMiner on Windows 10.

Going to try rolling back to 18.6 as I’ve read that’s probably the best driver for mining right now and try again, but your values are really low unless you’ve only got 4gb cards.

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Same here…I have one RX580 and getting around 1.80 gps per card…Win 10 and GrinGold

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What driver do you use?

amd driver version is 17.30

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Nice, I just switched to 18.6 and saw my GPS go from the mid 1.50s to about 1.70 which is nice.

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Did you get it working? There are still different versions of the amdgpu driver.

Hey im having driver issues i think. What driver did u use to run multiple gpus without discreet linking (if that is necessary). I have two rx 580s and cannot get the second one running. After installing cuda tool kit (trying to run bminer after nvml error) i noticed that going back to my grin gold miner i now had no cards working and both had the same buffer issue. Any help?
I have a mate who reckons hardware compatibility is not the issue here despite the mother board cpu build being fairly old(8years) - im inclined to think his wrong but havent got something better to test it on.

Afterburner seting. Core Cloke, Memory Clock?


1.55 graph/s
core clock 1250
memory clock 2150

I’ve flashed the bios… Give me a few days to send you the core and memory settings

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I have 4 amd rx 580 8gb gpus mining grin 29 on windows 10. I can only get 2 out of the 4 cards to work…sometimes. Virtual memory
I have played with 3000 and 24000 max. What could I be doing wrong?

have you tried @Lolliedieb 's C31 miner? It’s doing pretty well for me!

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