Again hacked acount in KuCoin

My account in KuCoin was stolen 2 weeks ago. I immediately wrote in a superport… And after the numerous stupid emails from them, I found out only one who took my account and used it undisturbed . He even bought Usdt like that without a problem, even though I wrote to them right away … But nothing man has my personal data and they do nothing!Please tell me which institution to turn to is the theft of personal data.

  1. Grin community is not responsible for your loss or your data leak.
  2. FCK KuCoin
  3. Your keys your coins.
  4. Use tradeogre if you want to trade grin and NEVER store your coins in online platforms.

@Malefic That is very frustrating indeed, I assume Kucoin has at least blocked your account and frozen all funds, if not, they failed. See here the link to support, click ‘Freeze account’:

Best to use Trade Ogre, they enforce the use of 2FA.
Also KuCoin, supports the use of 2FA, you should use it, it protects against most types of hacks:

I would highly recommend that you use 2FA for any crypto exchange or service that you use.