8*1070 rig yield expectations?

I’m pretty new to cryptomining and got no experience whatsoever. As the title suggests, would a rig with 8 1070 GPUs would have good hash rates at a cost of 1.4 dollars per Watt. Is it worth getting into and investing in? If it is, I would like to hear your thoughts for a newcomer.

You should be making 2.93 grin per day. Can you confirm your cost of electricity - that seems extremely high and quite unlikely. It should be around 0.10 to 0.15 per kWh under normal circumstances and depends on where you live. Check your electricity bill as this should be stated on it.

Based on 3.46 gps per 1070 x8 = 4.442620363 ツ / day
-source: https://grinmint.com/calculator.html

Oh I miss-wrote. I meant to write 0.14

And wouldn’t electricity cut the net to like 20%?

OK, according to Whattomine.com, you would generate about 2.95 GRIN per day, but due to the electricity costs, you would lose about $0.59 per day at the current GRIN value in USD. It would not be cost effective if you believe Whattomine.com.