WTB one hour, in atomic swap for 1.8 BTC

Please contact me with offers.


What is “one hour”? Do you want an hour of labour or an hour of grin (3600 grin)?

Clearly, I want one hour of Grin:-)


Be careful with that, there is some level of fruad and my attempts to bring otc into the light failed

I think people generally trust me, so I can let them send Grin first…

This makes me wonder if Tromp is a former World of Warcraft player.

One hour, I like your style.


@tromp - You could mine it instead. Its fun to buy graph rate on MiningRigRentals or Nicehash. A little less predictable but you could mine on a pool for a smoother payout.

Note the change in title…

To save everyone else time, that is roughly market price.

It’s now nearly 10% above market rate.

make that over 30% …

If still interested, PM me with a revised offer that takes into account the latest market prices. I’m willing to try my first atomic swap.

how did it go? was there a swap?

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There was a swap of sorts, although not of the atomic variety:-)

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