WTB 4-5x more G1 minis working or not

WTB 1x bricked parts rig and 2-4x working G1 minis in a month with or without the original or any PSU.

It’ll provide me great help to either patch the Ipollo G1 mini’s v2.5.4 SD Firmware to an upgradable state, or start with a blank slate of a GUI and a stripped down OpenWRT instance running Nginx to make an open source firmware offering a simplified web interface and manual control of the essentials like cgminer and pwm to control fans, QoS flow control, etc etc.i

OpenWRT was how I got a leg up on my networking classmates and also the reason I think Linux itself makes a fine OS for using with physical network gear.

Please DM me so we can work something out to get it on my workbench quickly. I am going to keep taking one rig offline to try and strip the code down or at least a few times a week for testing a new thread to pull at on why opkg is so broken upgrades bork the whole stack of cards