Worldview. How many devils can fit on the tip of a pin?

Worldview of the first type - mosaic

The second is even difficult to call a worldview, since it is capable of carrying many facts, concepts, etc., but does not carry one - semantic units - of which the picture of the world can, in principle, be combined, are present in it, sometimes in abundance and details
And if the first is like a mosaic stained glass window, then the second is like a kaleidoscope in which the same multi-colored “glass” is poured, from which the stained glass window is composed. With every shaking of the “kaleidoscope tube” by life circumstances or when new “glasses” - semantic units - are added to it, they randomly pour over, forming a new pattern, it is possible that it is beautiful and bizarre, but having nothing to do with the “mosaic stained glass window”, more or a less detailed image of the world in the psyche of an individual with a different organization and a target orientation of intelligence

Kaleidoscopic worldview, not being a holistic picture of everything, is in principle not suitable for modeling and forecasting

First, in order for the crowd to be dependent on the ruling “elite” in the crowd-“elite” society, a kaleidoscopic worldview is purposefully cultivated in the education system “for all”. The kaleidoscopic worldview of the education system “for all” is not supported only in the field of narrow vocational education, since any professional activity becomes impossible on the basis of eliminating the interconnections between different pieces of knowledge and skills that make up professionalism. But outside the scope of professional activity, the kaleidoscopic nature of the worldview is supported on the basis of the cult of “free thinking” and the individual’s right to be unlike the others in his “self-expression”. In reality, all this dissimilarity and peculiarities in society for the most part is the dissimilarity of the pattern in one kaleidoscope to the pattern in another kaleidoscope, but not the uniqueness of a stable worldview that ensures the development of personality in the direction of the human structure of the psyche

Secondly, the entry of uninvited outsiders into the sphere of exercising real power monopolized by the backstage ruling “elite” is blocked by a system of professional philosophical and historical-sociological education, where philosophical schools flourish with any kind of “basic questions” of philosophy, but not with questions about the predictability of consequences with purpose of managing circumstances. Examples of such philosophical schools are dialectical and historical materialism, as well as various kinds of philosophical schools opposed to official Marxism

So public philosophy fulfills the function of a drainage system: everyone who is interested in the problems of the life of society and humanity as a whole, and who, obeying the authority of its cult personalities, suffering from a kaleidoscopic worldview and abstracting of intellects from life (how many devils can fit on the tip of a pin, which is primary: matter or consciousness?), agree with her opinions, those are incapacitated as managers of the public level of significance in general

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