Online-Cloud-Economy ?

Jules Verne
“All that is impossible, remains to be accomplished.”

“ The future is going to be weird “

In the cloud world where time is limitless and different from reality, ethical considerations come to the forefront. By 2050, living in the cloud will be possible, allowing for full immersion.

In this cloud world, you have the freedom to come and go as you please. You can choose to upload yourself entirely or only partially engage.

To measure time, blocks are used, with each block representing a day. This means that 1,440 blocks equate to about 3.9 years, and 525,600 blocks equal 1,440 years, allowing for a unique connection between blocks and age.

In this cloud world, there will be an AppStore-like platform for identities. Sellers can upload near-identical copies of themselves for others to engage with. To ensure privacy, there will be a set of diagrams to modify the past, excluding personal information.

Considering the potential ethical implications, it is likely that measures will be needed to protect identities in this cloud world. Establishing online police or similar mechanisms may become necessary to safeguard against misuse and ensure responsible practices.

As the cloud world continues to evolve, ongoing discussions and collaborations will be crucial in developing ethical frameworks that prioritize privacy, security, and accountability within this new digital frontier.

Sounds like:

“ The blocks haven’t been kind have they “

Could be kind if to use them right :slight_smile:

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Collect 'em all =)

This is not MineCraft tho.

We are not your kind


This: Poloniex enables Grin withdrawals, donates to Grin General Fund

This circle escalates quickly.

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Free man =)

1 nano grin will be able to buy you 1gb
In 30 years or less

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