Interesting early Bitcoin thread discussing pure linear emission

The poster even suggests going beyond a pure linear emission and letting block reward scale with difficulty. Thus, when demand causes price to increase, so will mining profitability, and as more mining power is added, difficulty will increase, and along with it supply. That’s an interesting approach to trying to stabilize the price…


Thanks for sharing. Interesting suggestion to link difficulty to supply … perhaps with floor/ceiling amounts?

Interesting approach but it makes emission unpredictable, so i still prefer 1 per sec


If Grin is time=value then this would be work=value since it scales with PoW rarity.

Yes, it tries to equate value with energy, but everytime new mining hardware appears, the equation would change.
So yeah, I also much prefer time equivalance if only because it’s so much simpler. Emission must be trivial to understand rather than something that needs explaining, and a height equivalence simplifies auditability.


Good point. Can we call Grin’s emission rate 1/second or would it be ‘more correct’ to say 1 block every minute which means 60 (when rounded, I believe?) per minute?

1 per second is what it’s designed to be, so let’s just call it that. The fact fact that the blocktime targets 60 seconds is an independent design choice, even though the reward can only be offered once per block.
Unlike Bitcoin, Grin’s DAA is very good at keeping the average blocktime close to 60s (it’s around 60.2s since launch, which could be explained by slow launch and rangeproof bug fix delay).