Will sending to my ip still work if I'm using a VPN?

Just something i’ve been wondering. If my normal ip is X, and the vpn IP is Y then if I wanted to receive grin would I still send to X?


tl;dr: Nope.

Mainly due to the issue with port forwarding. Most of the VPN providers do not support this. Even though there are some that do support this, it does not really work I believe.
I tried before to run my lighting node with a dedicated IP over VPN with AreaVPN on a second router behind my real router. So even though they told me they opened the port, I could not get it to work with the port forwarding and my node was not reachable from the outside. As my (mostly trial and error) research concluded the only way is to channel through a VPS, where you set up everything manually, which is quite a hustle though.
I believe all this is the same for a grin node.


Thanks for the detailed response. I appreciate it. Cheers.