Why p2pool works on Monero but not Bitcoin?

Why does Monero have p2pool (a non custodial p2p mining pool) but Bitcoin is having so much trouble achieving the same?

I heard that it is because ASICs can’t handle the large coinbase transactions that are necessary to implement it.

To be clear, I am asking because I want to know if Grin will have the same issues as Bitcoin.

ASICs don’t need to know any coinbase transaction [1].

[1] hash - What hardware do pool operators use for calculating the hashmerkleroot? - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

In that case, why is it so hard for Bitcoin (uses ASIC) to do this and so easy for Monero (does not use ASIC) to do it?

I don’t know. What’s the evidence of it being hard for bitcoin?

None of the current Bitcoin pools are able to truly achieve their goals of decentralizing mining. https://x.com/bobmcelrath/status/1729635785370992923?s=46&t=mkoeQ0Kxr9-flQmBS-HSDg

It’s just weird how it’s so easy for Monero with P2Pool but Bitcoin seems incapable of it so far.

The most recent development at these sphere is Braidpool:

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