When I run the GRIN node in ubuntu, the node automatically exits as soon as it connects

I installed Ubuntu through WSL in Windows 10 system. After running GRIN in Ubuntu and starting GRIN client, in a few seconds or a minute, once I started downloading blocks, GRIN client automatically quit. How to solve it?

this wsl?

The good “compatibility layers” like proton get about 60% success rate https://www.protondb.com/ with a narrow scope and a large investment behind it.

I would bet good money that at least 2 of the 3 factors I’ve mentioned aren’t true for wsl. Furthermore that success rate has targeted programs to test for, while I highly doubt windows is trying to get grin working that same way valve would be trying to sell more games, or the emulator community getting the most important game form their childhood going.

Why are you doing this? There is a windows binary floating around and real linux is free.

https://gitter.im/grin_community/Lobby ask for one of the windows dev to make you a binary; emulation will always be jank, use native when possible