What if you incorrectly enter a seed phrase while reversing wallet?

I am wondering what happens if you incorrectly enter the seed phrase. If I were to mix up two of the words or typo a word would I inadvertently create a new wallet with that mistyped seed phrase which i would then not have a record of? Or is there some mechanism by which it would (likely) not amount to a valid wallet?

I suppose I could go try this myself to see.

The last word of the seed is a checksum of all the other words in the right order. So the wallet software will tell you the seeds checksum is incorrect.

In case the wallet would not perform such a check, or you could ignore it, the result would be a different empty wallet.


The last word still has 8 valid possibilities.
Each word contributes 11 bits of a 256 bit key, so 23 words contribute 253 bits, and the last word contributes only 3 bits, leaving 8 bits of checksum.


Thanks guys. I tried several errors in Grin++, transposition, substitution, and typos, and I see that all are rejected.