Opinion: seedphrases are terrible UX

  1. Wallet app shows you a seed phrase
  2. Write it down
  3. Wallet app asks you to click each word to confirm you wrote it down

Worst UX design practise I ever encountered. Takes forever to try out an app to realize its anyway bad and you want to use another app instead.

Proper alternative: keystore file

Security should not be in a way of user experience. People who actually store their crypto in their own wallet probably know how to use clean device which does not have malware. Getting malware is anyway very uncommon if you do not run executables from strange places.

Forcing user to do thing the hard way because of security is underestimating users’ capability of knowing what they do.

If I just wanna first try the application, I do not care if my seed is secure or not, or if i know what I do, I do not want application to tell me what to do.

Just wanted to write it somewhere.


I get this. I enjoy the old fashioned bitcoin core experience of the ability to opt out of security, create a wallet file with no password, and just get running if you want to.

But, we have limited capacity for UX design features right now and it’s not a big priority imo. If grin makes it this kind of stuff will be easy to add later.

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I agree with you. Have you seen the Tari wallet? I don’t love everything about Tari, but they actually tackle this issue very sensibly IMO in their wallet design:

Essentially, new users are onboarded with a simple keyfile only. As they accumulate more funds or become more engaged, they’re guided to increase their security with backups, seed phrases, etc. IMO it strikes a nice balance of UX for onboarding users and guiding them at their own pace towards very good security. Perhaps Grin wallets could follow this idea?