We should quit this little experiment

Well, Hollywood got you the easy way then. I personally would never let a movie influence my way of thinking, but who am i :wink:

We should believe in grin and ipollo!

It is always darkest before dawn.

I believe in Grin and believe it’s needed even more than ever.

The hash rate is my biggest concern.

I don’t really know if I am sure if Grin will survive.

I sure hope it does.

As someone who was vocal in the community 18 months ago, I don’t think the council cares about the community.

I don’t enjoy interacting in the forum. I don’t have much faith in the teams ability to communicate with early adopters.

XRP is a shit coin. Some how it has galvanised a large population of people to believe in it no matter what.

Grin needs to evangelise. It needs to reach out to people and show them why it’s important.

It’s funds should be spent partly on advertising.

Tech guys always seem to forget that technology does not win because it’s the best. It wins via adoption and convenience.
It wins if it can have a narrative the speaks to the core of people.


I’d agree with the hashrate concern, but lets hope for the best.

This sounds very non-cypherpunk. Spending funds on advertisement should be the last thing we do since we have a lot of things to improve on the wallet and node. On top of that, Justin Tron will throw more money at advertising so it will be more popular. We need people that believe in Grin, work on it and share the enthusiasm with others. I think it’s up to you and me to advertise the project.

Btw, what will likely happen is that some fund will buy huge bags of Grin and advertise it to pump their bags, so I think it’s a solved problem. They will do it for us. And they have plenty of things they can use for advertising because Grin is unique in many respects:)


It looks like you need detailed reports with the names of the evangelists. Nobody will come and tell you, “Look! I am an evangelist.”

Everyone does the best they can. And there are more Grin evangelists than you think.

Absolute truth.

I’m not a cypherpunk. I’m a person that believes in crypto. I believe the best crypto is fungible, truly private and truly decentralised.

If you want normal people to use Grin, then engage with normal people.

Elitist mentality on purity is misguided.

Grin will be the HDDVD of crypto without trying to communicate to the people that need it.

Wozniak is a genius. He would not have gotten the Apple computer to the masses.

Not a fan of Steve jobs for many reasons but he could see how to get something important to many people.

“Advertising” is not what I want. I want to get the message out.

This team (imo) is developing the single most important technology for money and it may not even be a footnote in history.

I don’t want Grin to be Betamax.

It looks like to me that Grin may well fail.

A crypto with 30% of the features and consideration of Grin may become successful because of how it’s communicated.


Google “Grin” and tell me what you find.

Google “privacy coin”

Google “how to protect my crypto from the government.”

How to protect my crypto spending habits.

These should all have results for Grin that would explain grin in a simple and easy way.

Who do these listed evangelists communicate with?

Marketing is not evil. It’s a tool.

I get the impression that it is felt that if we all tell our friends then Grin will grow.


Sorry I think Grin should be available to everybody.
Making it open source and expecting people to find it is ludicrous.

There is too much background noise.


After reading your posts in this topic, it was noticeable that you are really passionate and you are interested in being in this. Just continue. Don’t get discouraged.

Just stick to the set standards. They are quite tall and ambitious. Maintain faith in the project and the team.

Patronising much?

I don’t have faith.

I have misguided hope.

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Besides, faith requires trust.

I prefer trust less systems


I understand your frustration in a way, but people are hard to get. Everyone wants instant profits.

They watch YouTube where the concepts of cryptocurrency are warped. They do not inform people what cryptocurrency is, they inform people how to make money on cryptocurrency, and this is a synthetic topic. I once mentioned in a forum thread that people probably think the digital currency problem has been solved because there is bitcoin and so they look at us as retarded. But you and everyone here are at the forefront of the money revolution.

Perhaps the time has not come for the masses to realize what Grin is, what do you think?

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I think this is exactly the time that Grin should be used on a larger scale.

We are (for all intent and purposes) under Martial law. Not allowed outside our homes.

People with alternative lifestyles can be tracked.

There is a push for government issued digital currency.

Soon every private purchase becomes known to the authorities.

It’s 1984 in 2021.

Unfortunately this is not hyperbole.

The loss of cash is the last in a long line of erosions of privacy.

If it’s not Grin it will be something inferior. There is a need for a solution that works and is easy to use. Grin v5 is the best iteration.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody sees it…

We loose a forest before people realise what’s happened.


You see! You are an evangelist like all of us. Only with our joint efforts can we convey to people the true problem that Grin is solving because George Orwell was right.

And if you lose hope, no Google will help us…

I have one thing left to say here…

“You just don’t get it”

Well… Then just remember: If the State becomes a criminal, then the right to be a judge belongs to every citizen.

And I give a forecast that during this year you will change your attitude towards Grin to the one you had when you first joined.


I really hope so.

Thank you

I had this discussion on the Telegram.
Marketing involves returns and financial results. This is not in line with GRIN’s ideology.

GRIN needs a communication & relationship manager.

Someone who communicates directly with the exchanges, today only one exchange supports slatepack, and I’m not sure the others are aware that HTTP withdrawal is not supported now. Maybe we wouldn’t have had this problem if we had communicated better with the exchanges before.

GRIN is the most ethical and equitable alternative of the privacy coin. But we are the only ones who know it.


Whatever will come to the climax, it starts from bottom.cfd0e1c09863781eb878d1dad554757320c03be3 (1)


Right. Totally agree. Imagine in the future if chips smaller than 7mm could be made? Imagine if ASIC Miner could be more efficient and cheaper? Maybe one day a family in the world will have a Grin ASIC Miner and we won’t bother anymore with the “Money” problem. Universal Basic Income Guarantee for everyone. I don’t think it’s too difficult in the end that every Grin can be exchanged for goods and services.

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Indeed it is not that difficult. It is interesting to see how one privacy policy update leads to a huge flood of users going from WhatsApp to Signal. Suddenly the platform will ‘work’ since there is critical mass in adoption.The same goes for the fiat/crypto discussion. A simple trigger could lead to a flood of people to start adopting Bitcoin, Grin and other cryptocurrency once some of the fiat fallacies come to light.
Adoption might appear slow, but never forget it is an S curve where disruption can lead to sudden surges in adoption: