Wallet713 version 2 & Password

When starting wallet713 version 2 on my mac now there is a question about a password? In version 1 this question was not popping up. How to startup when no password has been set? return to version 1?

Returning to version 1 seems to work But how to update to version 2? Access is denied when I have to answer the password question in version 2. So no new transactions can be received in that wallet? Transferring the grin in this wallet to a completely new version 2 wallet? Will that completely succeed, transferring from version wallet to version 2 wallet?

Don’t use v1,you won’t be able to publish transactions anymore since we are past the first hard fork. If you didnt set a password, simply press Enter

@jaspervdm Thanks for that very obvious answer of course. Using wallet713 version 2 works like a charm receiving and finalizing without a problem! Free citing “J.C.” : “You will only see it when you get it”

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