Wallet.always.vip Important Notice

Important Notice

Dear valued VIP Wallet users,

VIP Wallet was launched on August 9, 2021. Since its launch, VIP Wallet has explicitly stated that “large assets are advised to be withdrawn to your local wallet. Cloud wallets are only suitable for temporary storage and transfer” (Announcement link ). The “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Notes” sections of VIP Mining Pool also clearly advise against long-term storage of assets.

As of midnight on January 12, 2024, VIP Wallet has accumulated nearly 3000 registered users, with over 2700 users having deposited funds through VIP Wallet. The majority of users have followed the usage requirements, using VIP Wallet only as a temporary transfer wallet. However, a very small number of users have not adhered to the guideline of “temporary transfer of small amounts” and have chosen to accumulate assets in VIP Wallet over the long term.

For those users who have not followed the rules of using VIP Wallet, VIP Wallet issues a strong appeal and announcement once again. Please withdraw your assets to your personal local wallet or another wallet promptly! Currently, VIP Wallet still holds long-term assets of nearly 200,000 GRIN and nearly 3000 MWC, which users are urged to withdraw without delay! In the future, VIP Wallet will enforce withdrawals through the collection of wallet asset management fees.

VIP Wallet

Friday, January 12, 2024


And, VIP POOL is on 0 FEE MODE