VOTE on Grin's currency symbol


Read the FAQ before you vote.


Question Answer
What am I voting on? The currency symbol Grin should adopt. $ / £ etc.
Is the vote binding? No, the vote is non-binding. Whatever proposal wins the poll will not necessarily be the final adopted proposal.
If it’s not binding, what is the purpose? To gauge community sentiment towards particular proposals, so that more informed decisions can be made.
How will the actual decision be made? The vote results will guide a discussion as part of the Jan 17 governance meeting, where a decision will hopefully also be made.
How many votes do I get? You can cast up to four (4) votes on different proposals.
Why more than one vote? To make it indicative of community sentiment only, and to get a better sense of general direction, rather than a specific proposal, and as mitigation against the Condorcet paradox.
Do I have to use all votes No. By using fewer votes, each vote gets a larger weight.
When are the results published? Once the poll has closed.
Why are the results not visible until the poll has closed? So that previous votes do not influence your vote.
When does the poll close? Jan 16 @ 23:59:59 UTC.
Is my vote public? Yes, once the results are published, members of the community will be able to see what proposal(s) you voted for.
Why is it not a secret ballot? The vote is non-binding in any case and you need to join the governance meeting to argue in favour of your proposal, it makes trolls accountable, and it combats spamming and the use of fake accounts to influence vote outcome.
Where were the proposals sourced from? From this thread.
How can I vote on a different proposal? Unfortunately the poll cannot be edited. If you think you have a better suggestion, please comment in the thread below and see who “hearts” it. The vote is non-binding. You can still join the Jan 17 governance meeting and argue for your proposal.
Who decided on all this? The attendees of the last governance meeting. The details were left to me, @lehnberg, to work out as best as I could.
I have a different question, what should I do? Ask it by posting in this thread.


  • I’m limiting myself to characters and symbols I can actually copy and paste in text because… well, I can’t include them in the poll otherwise, and it kind of defeats the purpose.
  • This post outlines some criteria to consider.
  • This post outlines some thinking that can be helpful, doesn’t need to apply it to the proposal that the poster recommends.
  • Some symbols might have meaning in other languages. ツ is a hiragana character used in the Japanese language.


One hundred grin is…

  • 100 ɠ
  • 100 ꞡ
  • 100 ǥ
  • 100 Γ
  • 100 ğ / 100 Ğ
  • 100 ǧ / 100 Ǧ
  • 100 ʛ
  • 100 Ᏻ
  • 100 :slight_smile: / 100 :relaxed:
  • 100 ツ
  • 100 ᵹ
  • Grin should have its own designed, non-unicode conformant symbol that we cannot copy/paste here.
  • Grin does not need to have a symbol at all. We should keep things simple and minimal.

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The ğ / Ğ symbol is already used by the Duniter crypto-currency:

Which of the above is the “phonetic g symbol” that was discussed recently? It seemed like the best choice, but in the forum font I can’t recognize it. Might it be missing from the alternatives? (lehnbergplsdonthateme :-p)

UPDATE: it’s ᵹ I was looking for. It does look different on this forum than in gitter

Wikipedia says this about it:

The lowercase insular g (ᵹ) was used in Irish linguistics as a phonetic character for [ɣ], and on this basis is encoded in the Phonetic Extensions block of Unicode 4.1 (March 2005) as U+1D79. Its capital (Ᵹ) was introduced in Unicode 5.1 (April 2008) at U+A77D.

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I’m somehow I wouldn’t be worried in the slightest that they will be successful

Interesting link between cuckoo and money :slight_smile:

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What is the connection? A nefarious technique called cuckoo smurfing came up related to money laundering when I googled.

Monkyyy’s link mentions Theory of Money and Cloud Cuckoo Land…

Thats a link from the coin mably mentioned

and OH NO tromp thinks its interesting rather then bullshit

Confused by the Choose up to 4 options, If I only pick one, the voting is collected or not?
And when clicking Vote now!, there’s no feedback, also confused whether the voting is sent or not.

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  • valid total amount of boxes you can tick when voting are: 1, 2, 3, 4. So you can just make a single vote on one suggestion, two, three, or four suggestions in total. Up to you. Of course, fewer votes means fewer votes in total. Means each vote counts more as a percentage of total.
  • I agree, the poll UX could be improved to give better feedback. This is how I believe it works: When voting (for the first time) the big number counting total votes should increase +1. You can change your vote, which is why the boxes remain visible and the vote button is still present.

I like ğ / Ğ. It looks very proffesional.


:slightly_smiling_face: is timeless and transcendent

Polls have closed and the results are in! This will be discussed in today’s governance meeting.

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Does ᵹ look a bit like ꜩ or is just me?

it does a little, but the distinction is there.

ᵹ satisfies me because most people will have never encountered it outside of the context of grin (that and it is cool looking, and phoeneticaly the letter G). the tsu smiley is fun and I think in another life would have been my first choice, but it is all over the internet already, and I think that is a strong detractor. and while I am all for taking things lightly, and it is kind of in our aesthetic already, I don’t think the smily japanese tsu symbol is serious enough. Similar reason why an actual emoji I thought would be cool at first, but eventually felt was a bit hokey.

i don’t want to see a little smiley when I am paying the coffin salesman for my grandma’s funeral. @lehnberg @igno.peverell

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I also prefer ᵹ over ツ for the currency symbol, and it won the poll! Disclaimer: I am a professional bikeshedder.

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I could not vote but I support “ᵹ”.
“ツ” is katakana character used in Japanese language.
It is not good to be used for currency symbol from Japanese view.

last meeting:


I thought it was the other symbol? Why pick the second from the poll if most everyone was ambivalent between the two? The first one got ~16% more votes than the second, that’s not insignificant.

Finding it hard to take the tsu seriously. The logo is one thing most people will never see, but do you want a little wonky smile to pop up when you’re buying abortion pills? Or buying life insurance?

Compared to the rest of the currencies out there I think the first is much more appropriate.

Maybe give it a bit more time to stew before calling it? All involved in the meeting may not have thought about the options in depth before the determination was made.

I liked the tsu a lot at first but already feel I’ve grown out of it, it would be a shame to solidify something that could quickly lose its novelty, and conceivably keep people from taking it seriously. At that point why not just do a smiley face emoji, which is as well standardized? Why a slanted smile at all? Seems like just any smiley would work and we could keep it open to however people want to render it.

Money isn’t always used for happy things. What if you were getting oral reconstructive surgery and the little currency symbol on your bill was a slanted smile? Just seems unnecessarily unprofessional.

That is it. Naturally. Bam!