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What am I voting on? The currency code Grin should adopt. This is used on coinmarketcap-like websites, exchanges, wallets, and elsewhere to either represent Grin the currency or a specific amount of grins. Examples are USD, GBP, EUR, BTC/XBT, ETH, XMR etc.
Is the vote binding? No, the vote is non-binding. Whatever proposal wins the poll will not necessary be the final adopted proposal.
If it’s not binding, what is the purpose? To gauge community sentiment towards particular proposals, so that more informed decisions can be made.
How will the actual decision be made? The vote results will guide a discussion as part of the Jan 17 governance meeting, where a decision will hopefully also be made.
How many votes do I get? You can cast up to two (2) votes on different proposals.
Why more than one vote? To make it indicative of community sentiment only, and to get a better sense of general direction, rather than a specific proposal, and as mitigation against the Condorcet paradox.
Do I have to use all votes No. By using fewer votes, each vote will have a larger weight.
When are the results published? Once the poll has closed.
Why are the results not visible until the poll has closed? So as not to let previous votes influence your vote.
When does the poll close? Jan 16 @ 23:59:59 UTC.
Is my vote public? Yes, once the results are published, members of the community will be able to see what proposal(s) you voted for.
Why is it not a secret ballot? The vote is non-binding in any case and you need to join the governance meeting to argue in favour of your proposal, it makes trolls accountable, and it combats spamming and the use of fake accounts to influence vote outcome.
Where were the proposals sourced from? From Gitter, the forum, and discussion in the last Governance meeting.
How can I vote on a different proposal? Unfortunately the poll cannot be edited. If you think you have a better suggestion, please comment in the thread below and see who “hearts” it. The vote is non-binding. You can still join the Jan 17 governance meeting and argue for your proposal.
Who decided on all this? The attendees of the last governance meeting. The details were left to me, @lehnberg, to work out as best as I could.
I have a different question, what should I do? Ask it by posting in this thread.


  • The ISO-4217 standard suggests that the three letter currency code generally represents the ISO country code abbreviation and the name of the currency. So USD = US country code for United States + Dollar and CNY = CN country code for China + Yuan.
  • GR is the ISO country code abbreviation for Greece.
  • ISO-4217 also has a specification for “supranational currencies”, which then start with the letter X to distinguish them from currencies related to a specific country.
  • In the cryptocurrency space there are examples of projects:
    • Ignoring ISO-4217 in favour of their own three-letter code, like ETH, ZEC.
    • Complying with ISO-4217, like XMR, XLM.
    • Initially ignoring ISO-4217 (BTC), and afterwards being assigned an ISO code (XBT).
    • Ignoring three letter codes altogether, like WAVES, DOGE, MIOTA.
  • GRN is listed as inactive on coinmarketcap, google searching grn currency returns 1.53m results.
  • XGR is listed as inactive on coinmarketcap, google searching xgr currency returns 568k results.
  • XGN is a smart contract with 0 transactions on etherscan, google searching xgn currency returns 40.7k results.
  • Feedback from a vendor of a coin-indexing site: “please don’t use existing codes (XGR, GRN), even if those coins are effectively inactive at the moment. It’s confusing users. Unfortunate, but true.”

Edit: updating "other info section based on info from the thread.


  • GRIN
  • GRN
  • XGR
  • XGN
  • XGRN

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There is little reason to play nice with the X standard; it predates btc by a fair bit and we filled up 2 character codes with the lightcoin clone shitcoin wave, not to mention the ico one after it or the next one(my money is on proof of stake) or the grin-clones after that; the standard is unworkable with the current market.

The coins that make it to the stock market so there is an overlap in name space are few and far between and can be given a compliant ticker then.

Its ok to have two.

Of course it’s OK to have two but what is the point of doing that? You want a code that will reduce confusion for trading on exchanges etc. People agree to standards for practical purposes - it’s not some kind of surrender to “the system” to choose/promote a preferred, standard currency code.

If I thought there wasn’t a non practical reason I would have stated to ignore iso bullshit because it’s iso bullshit; but no, as I stated the namespace is far too small. The strong standard is 3 chars for financial information, a soft standard is to add an x in front of gold related things is unworkable. You can’t follow both at all times and I would suggest the first is more important.

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Just wanted to add that GRN is another inactive coin, Granite.

As a vendor of a coin-indexing site, please don’t use existing codes (XGR, GRN), even if those coins are effectively inactive at the moment. It’s confusing users. Unfortunate, but true.

Oh, thank you @synthmeat! Updating the info.

As a vendor of a coin-indexing site, please don’t use existing codes (XGR, GRN), even if those coins are effectively inactive at the moment. It’s confusing users. Unfortunate, but true.

At some point surely you will need to delist inactive projects though?

At some point surely you will need to delist inactive projects though?

No, not really, you’d ideally just want to show them as inactive and removed from some parts of interaction. There’s value in historical data and there’s actually sites that index dead coins themselves, i.e.

It’s even worse with exchanges. You wouldn’t want your market end-point (usually defined by code pair; they should all just use independent unique indexes, but they don’t) suddenly start returning another coin pair.

I guess I should note that this isn’t that big of a deal, as we deal with it almost on a daily basis. Strong preference for used-but-dead code could outweigh the negatives.

Grin as name, GRIN as code, something resembling grin as symbol, and awesome logo as-is is pretty damn great in my book. Grin/GOTT might be fun too.


I see, that’s interesting. Thanks for sharing this input!

Just wanted to add that GRN is another inactive coin, Granite.

By your own link it hasn’t had more then 3000$ of volume in over a year; and a double digit looking average; “confusing users.” I think not.

This has been and will likely always be a space where you can make a coin if you can use a web forum, or hacked together cli and no one has stepped up to make a name space system; stepping on toes of shitcoins is going to be a thing.

To burn one of 3 letters for a pointless X should be avoided IMO! Also reference to traditional nation based standards gives a wrong signal. 3 letters might easily conflict or be abused by scammers. GRIN seems short enough and avoids any confusion with any other similar sounding coin.


Hey, not related to this pool, but thought it could be amusing to name the Grin’s base unit as gott / gotts :wink:

Sounds a bit better than groth.

I’m siding with Manfred here. If we absolutely have to have an ISO compliant code for the currency, I’d suggest XGC (Supranational Grin Currency).

We would still call it “grin” though. :wink:

XD could be a good option since it is both a grinning face and read as “currency dollar” meaning it is just an abstract mode of value not associated with anything. There are no currencies listed under it on coinmarketcap or official global ticker list.

10.9M search results on google for "xd" currency (if that is our standard for evaluating from OP) with most of the first page results relating to Adobe XD pages that contain the word “currency” in them.

Searching plain xd currency returns 19.6M results with top page results linking to Currency Exchange(XE) which has an Alexa rank of 929. The similarity could be a feature if you consider Grin to be the next universal currency.


Yep, it works on so many levels. I’d go with XD in a heartbeat.


GRIN > anything else :heart:


XD is the coolest option and given people will pick up any arbitrary code it doesn’t matter that it is slightly abstract.

GRIN followed by XD imho.

XD is too danged cool.


(denominator for muggles and wizards)

MOST ISO currency codes do not have an X at the beginning though.


GRIN or GRN. We must avoid confusion.

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Polls have closed and the results are in! This will be discussed in today’s governance meeting.

I think most exchanges use GRIN so far (at least Bisq). Please not that changes of the ticker might be painful for some as it is used as ID.

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GRIN appears to be in!