V2.0.0 Upgrading Timeline Highlight

Important Notes about v2.0.0 Upgrading Timeline

As we see at the mid-of-July hardfork plan, the official v2.0.0 release binaries will be ready at 1st July.

And as you already know, in this hardfork release, there’s a designed incompatibility between v1.x.y wallet and v2.0.0 wallet. (for detail, refer to addressing recent transaction difficulties), please understand this incompatibility behavior and it’s already been heavily discussed and settled down.

Once the v2.0.0 binaries has been released at 1st July, I want to remind that ALL the users / pools / exchanges should upgrade to this v2.0.0 ASAP, to avoid the Wallet Incompatibility between old version (v1.x.y) and this new version v2.0.0.

Especially for Pools / Exchanges.

It’s definitely not good for the users of these pools / exchanges if confused about what exact the wallet version they should use! And also it’s boring for pools / exchanges if got too many failure reports for user when deposit / withdraw the Grin, just because of the incompatible version.

To be simple, after 1st July, any good Grin wallet should be at version v2.0.0 (or later version if have).

I want to highlight this v2.0.0 Upgrading Timeline, since now just 4 or 5 days before the official v2.0.0 release and this global upgrading.

For Pools / Exchanges

  1. Lock both the Grin deposit and withdraw at the day of upgrading (1st July proposed), and upgrade the production environment’s Grin Servers and Wallets to v2.0.0, and the necessary test of course.

  2. After the upgrading, show an explicit reminding message before user start to deposit or withdraw, ask user upgrading their Grin Wallet to version v2.0.0 (or higher version if have), otherwise any deposit or withdraw will just fail.

For All Users

Upgrading Grin wallet to v2.0.0 at 1st July, to avoid any incompatible failure with Pools / Exchanges 's Grin wallet.

For Grin Community Wallet Developers

To be inline with this upgrading timeline, release corresponding v2 wallet version at same date (1st July). Or if can’t catch up this date, at least write a reminding message on their old binaries to tell users NOT use those old versions any more.


Today, some people ask me where’s the Grin Wallet v2.0.0 API documentation.

The simple answer is it’s not published yet, since the official release is planned at 1st July.

But please DO NOT use https://docs.rs/grin_wallet_api/1.1.0/grin_wallet_api/ for this upgrading, since it’s obvious that’s for v1.1.0 only.

A simple workaround for reading the v2.0.0 Wallet API documentations:

git clone --single-branch --branch milestone/2.0.0 https://github.com/mimblewimble/grin-wallet.git

cd grin-wallet

cargo doc --no-deps --package grin_wallet_api --package grin_wallet_libwallet --package grin_wallet_impls --package grin_wallet_controller --package grin_wallet_config --package grin_wallet_util

But remember to check from time to time if there’s anything updated in the next few days, just use the following commands to ensure it’s always updated:

git pull origin milestone/2.0.0

cargo doc --no-deps --package grin_wallet_api --package grin_wallet_libwallet --package grin_wallet_impls --package grin_wallet_controller --package grin_wallet_config --package grin_wallet_util

To read the self built docs, use Chrome to open this link:


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Thanks. Has anyone posted these “draft” v2 documentations?

Is the supported migration path for a wallet with coins from v1.. to v2.. to restore it from the seed?

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The answer is Yes.

  • The upgrading on an existing Grin Wallet has no impact on the wallet data.
  • Recover from the mnemonic phrases or restore from the seed with the v2 Grin Wallet will get all your coins, no matter it was received before Hard Fork 1 Block Height 262,080 or after, if and only if it’s unspent.

Great, thank you! So just to clarify:

  • Leaving the grin wallet data directory in place and upgrading the grin-wallet binary will work
  • Deleting the grin wallet data directory, upgrading the grin-wallet binary, and restoring from a seed will also work

Is one of these methods preferable over the other?

They will both work. The former method might be favorable, just because you get to keep your tx history that way