Transaction not getting finanalized

Hi everyone,

Recently I had a transaction that is not getting finalized. I deleted chain data, nodes, updated nodes and deleted chain data again. All with no result. Also I can not seem to find the tx on grinscan.

I am currently running out of options. Anyone got an idea?

Node 4.0 beta
Grin-wallet 4.0

410 Received Tx 9bd68fcd-3750-4c72-b5ef-3e3c04ac16db 2020-06-01 03:36:44 None false None 0 1 7.39644914 0.0 None 7.39644914 None 0967576902e26bfbc4b8598d8352777f927711bd76bbe73a7c83b16de552608bd7 None

Thanks in advance

Edit: I would like to add that on the very same day I did receive other amounts that did work just fine.