Error when receiving transaction with grin-wallet?

I tried to send a small amount of grin (0.1) between two wallets locally, which resulted in an error and not creating a response file, and now the grin is stuck in awaiting finalization!

grin-wallet send -d transfer1.tx -m file 0.1

grin-wallet receive -i transfer1.tx Password: Wallet command failed: LibWallet Error: Fee Error: Fee Dispute Error: 7000000, 8000000

Now if I try to receive the .tx file again it says the tx has already been processed. However it did not generate a response file so I cannot finalize it on the sender side! I ran the command from my home directory with the grin-wallet/target/release directory added to PATH, but no response file is present. Did I do something wrong, and is there anything I can do to either undo the tx on the sender side (because all other funds are now stuck due to this tx stalling), or to actually finalize the tx?

Thank you!!