“Time is the only true unit of measure”

Film a car speeding down a road. Speed up the car infinitely and the car disappears. So what proof do we have of its existence? Time gives legitimacy to its existence. Time is the only true unit of measure. It gives proof to the existence of matter. Without time, we don’t exist.

I heard this in a goofy meme tweet (x?) earlier today.

Despite the source, I thought it basically was talking about mimblewimble logic. Or maybe it’s not, but either way, what do you think?


I don’t see how time alone can give proof of existence of anything except for the time dimension and whatever is required to have that (i don’t know what). I agree that if there’s no time then there’s no state transitions which can imo be treated as nothing. I have no clue about physics though :slight_smile:

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Awesome, a philosophic post! I guess the proof is the film, in this case the Grin blockchain. The car is a transaction, we know a car has sped by but we don’t know who’s car and how fast it was going. The unit of time… I think time is part of the fourth dimension, spacetime and we cant interact with it directly and measuring it is relative to the observer. Think about it, if you have the film you can roll it back and forward to see the car as many times as you want, and the unit of time would change relative to how fast we play the film.


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I was thinking about how Mimblewimble doesn’t care about the “speed”. Because a MW chain can be verified without seeing the whole history. So it’s basically a way to say “time exists” without needing to know every fact within time itself

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You still see the entire history of transaction kernels with the exact height at which they were added to the chain…


Ok this is off topic but I recently found out that time doesn’t flow (exist) for photons, but they exist. There are a few youtube videos that explain it but my favourite ones are:

My interpretation is that time flows in our dimension (we have four dimensions, 3 for space and one for time). But for beings living in higher dimensions time does not flow, just like hight, length and width don’t flow for us. A person from our dimension would look like a 3d image of this person taken say every second and then connecting all those images from life two death, like a big spagheti.

I imagine electromagnetism, ie photons are actually part of a higher dimension, we can experience it but we can never slow down a photon, let alone make it stop.

Same applies for gravity, gravitational waves move at the speed of light and again I believe are part of a higher dimension that we cant interact with directly.

I hope all this can somehow help devs improve Grin :grin:

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