Thorchain integration

anynomous : It was suggested by Gorfish, but I think he has a different handle here on KeyBase. It would be best if he made a case for it however; THORchain describes itself as: A Cross-Chain Liquidity Network swap between blockchains directly from your wallet. The idea sounds nice, but there are multiple projects I think that offer similar functionalities, so not sure if and why THORchain. Does anyone has experience with the project? If not, I would suggest we or Gorfish first create a topic for it on the forum to discuss it in more detail. After discussing it on the forum and knowing more details, we can bring it up again in a Grin CC meeting to create a proper Funding Request or bounty.

Thorchain is actually the only cross chain swap protocol that supports non smartcontract, non wrapped coins like bitcoin and litecoin. This kind of project has never existed before. You can try the swap interface here

I’m highly in favour of the idea of a bounty to integrate grin support in thorchain.

Also by providing liquidity in thorchain, one could earn interest for holding native grin.

If you think its a good solution for GRIN, why dont you find out how we can approach them:

  • how to contact them
  • ask them if they would even be interested in listing GRIN (as we dont pay for listings)
  • we can support them with a small team to implement GRIN like we are doing with other exchanges.

and do a bit of history on THORchain for us to better understand it.

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I’m no expert on this subject, but I try to answer as well as I know.

I think one can do pull request on their gitlab repository with a specific coin implementation: THORChain · GitLab

I’ve read that monero and dogecoin implementations are for example on the way.

When the implementation is done, node operators vote for the activation of chain.

It’s quite large and complicated project, with many teams and interfaces. For example thorswap is this web interface, then there is asgardex which is open source desktop client etc.