Testnet3 Release

The Grin team released its testnet3 today, marking an important milestone toward a beta release. At this time we do not foresee the need for another testnet and will be marching toward a mainnet release. While there is still much to do before then, I would like to celebrate how far we’ve gone and how lucky we all are to have such great people collaborating on this project. Thanks all for your hard work!!

Before going into more details on what has been accomplished, I would also like to emphasize how great of a time it is to join us and find an area to help. We will need support from many. If you or someone you know is interested in what we’re doing and has a will to help, no matter your gender identity, place on earth or phenotype, get familiar with Grin and find an area to exert your talents. You will find the most inclusive, welcoming and respectful community I have had the pleasure to be a part of.

The main areas of improvement since Testnet2 have been:

  • A new mining infrastructure based on our stratum flavor, allowing for the development of mining pools.
  • A completely rewritten wallet codebase, paving the way for a more user-friendly web wallet and including standalone libraries to be used by other wallet implementations or programming languages.
  • Countless performance and security improvements at the backend, core, proof-of-work and protocol levels.

As the lower layers of what constitutes Grin are getting more robust, we will be focusing more and more on user-facing features and making Grin more accessible to less technical people. We will also be working on formalizing our governance and funding model, documentation and security reviews and audits. If you have useful input on any of these or anything that you see could be useful to our project, please come join us!

– Igno


For more technical details, see @Yeastplume’s regular update:

Isn’t that a terrible idea if your “heading to mainnet”?

People will use the path of least resistance, and blockchain.info I believe caused a great many people to lose their early bitcoin.

I think the “main” wallet should be smartphone based and have irritating reminders to make paper backups; so you start from a position of security, while end-users may stray from the garden path a surprising amount of people don’t.

If you give a nuanced answer about a web interface being secure people not in the know will load it up on their virus infested windows machines and lose it.

I believe the web wallet referred to here is a GUI for your locally running grin node and grin wallet. It’s not a centralised web-hosted solution.

Nevermind then

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