Meeting notes: Development, Sep 4 2018

Meeting notes

Development meeting held Sep 4 @ 3PM UTC in grin/dev on Gitter, full chat transcript here.

Grin Council attendance:


Agenda & Actions

1. General update

  • A lot of fixes and small improvements over the past two weeks.
  • Most visible possibly @garyyu fast sync speed improvements to make it faster, and new deployment file structure realised by @yeastplume.
  • 1-day coinbase maturity will be coming in effect once we’re passed block 100,000, in roughly two weeks, and is our first voluntary soft fork.

2. Hard Forks & Testnet

  • There are a lot of consensus-breaking changes lined up (PoW changes, libsecp256-zkp, and more). Handling them all as part of a Hard Fork (HF) will be messy and distracting, and it would be much more straight forward to simply deploy a Testnet 4 (T4).
  • There is still a lot of value in practicing doing HFs, and it makes sense to do so before an eventual T4 as it reduces risk.


  1. There will be a T4 launched, replacing the existing T3. Target for launch ~ 4 weeks. Milestone has been added to Github.
  2. Prior to T4, there will be a practice HF on T3, with a simple cosmetic change: PR#1478. ETA within 1-2 weeks.

3. Other things of note

  • Discussion on whether accommodating for FlyChain should happen prior to Mainnet.
  • Dual PoW proposal still requires further work / thinking.
  • DHT-style discovery protocol: Suggestions to explore using i2p or libp2p.
  • Action on @lehnberg to convert any orphan bullets of “Functionality for Mainnet” doc into high level issues and retire the doc.


Feel free to raise suggestions / thoughts / comments and requests for future meeting agenda topics below!

Anyone reading this far: It’s time to step up to the plate on @yeastplume funding, goal is still far from being met.


Thanks for keeping meeting notes and reposting them here. Keep it up!


What is Flychain? Sorry for my ignorance.

New work by Benedikt Bunzünz_flyclient/

paper not yet published, but allows for super light clients with less trust needed, which could be extremely useful for mobile wallets for grin.

Interestingly, BEAM has implemented a version of flyclient in their project.

@tromp mentioned it as a possible future upgrade.

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