Meeting Notes: Development, Oct 2 2018

Meeting notes

Development meeting held Oct 2 @ 3PM UTC in grin/dev on Gitter, full chat transcript here.



Agenda & Actions

1. Testnet 4

  • List of open issues ahead of T4
  • Status updates
    • @igno.peverell: “I think we’re getting there, I only have the Flyclient header modification left on my list”
    • @Gary: “almost finished the review of all recent changes in lib secp. Just one remaining, the agg-range proof.”
    • @Yeastplume: “Merge ElementsProject/secp256k1-zkp#23 from upstream, once that’s merged into elements, then PoW.”
    • @Antioch: “flyclient header modification is turning into a big can of worms” / “happy to postpone it until after T4 (by hardfork or whatever we decide)”
  • We’re seeing a lot of sync issues, due to refactoring of header sync and changes due to perf improvements.
  • @Hashmap: Suggestion to consider model chain sync explicitly as Finite State Machine.
  • @Kargakis: Suggestion to document how “internal testing” is conducted before release.


  • Seek to fix current chain sync issues before establishing a T4 branch.
  • Review situation on Friday Oct 5, and check again Tuesday Oct 9.
  • T4 to be bootstrapped and launched as per same procedure as T3: A bit of internal testing and then release. Target: Mid to late October.
  • T4 to be released as v0.4.0. A more well defined release process to be introduced from then and onwards.

2. Supported platforms

As per discussion triggered by

  • Grin as an open source project will support all platforms the developers on the project run.
  • However, running multiple CI for multiple platforms is frustrating and slows down development.
  • Faster CI for development comes first, so one primary dev environment.
  • Multiple secondary platform support in releases, ideally with volunteers keeping releases working.


  • Linux is the primary development platform to run CI against.
  • macOS (and Windows once relevant) to be supported through daily or release builds.

3. Code audits

Tracked status:

  • We aim to be ready for audit (inc. funding) for Early November.
  • Separate sec_audit branch to be made for this purpose.
  • secp256k1zkp, our crypto library, will be most stable first

4. Github Labels & Prefixes to PRs:

Relates to:
Github PR (Pull-Request) Title Prefix Rule (Optional)
Improve Github Issue Labels


  • Use either labels or prefixes, preferably the former, both are ok.
  • Re labels proposal: Keep question and research, rest is ok.
  • @lehnberg to look at label colours and make sure they pop…


Feel free to raise suggestions / thoughts / comments and requests for future meeting agenda topics below!