Testnet2 Release

On behalf of the whole Grin team, it’s my pleasure to announce the release of our testnet2. This represents a major milestone in the development and maturation of Grin as an implementation of a full MimbleWimble-type chain.

While there are too many changes and improvements to list here (over a hundred just in the last month), the most visible new features are:

  • Adoption of Schnorr-style signatures (sometimes called aggregate signatures, aggsigs or MuSigs), paving the way to “scriptless scripts” and smart contracts.
  • MimbleWimble-style fast chain sync and pruning, allowing for a much more smaller chain state that’s quick to download and takes little space.
  • Improved transaction anonymity using the Dandelion protocol.
  • Compact range proofs with bulletproofs, which are about 8 times smaller than previously.
  • An efficient multi-device GPU miner for our Cuckoo Cycle proof of work.
  • Compact blocks to reduce the size of block propagating over the network.

As you can see, we’re still progressing mostly at the network and protocol levels but we expect that to change in the next few months as we will start to prepare for mainnet. In the meantime, we’re focusing on providing as strong of a basis as possible for the years to come.

There are many people to thank for this release, both in the Grin team and outside. I’m grateful for this team and for the people who have contributed amazing work to further our space.

If you’re technical enough to compile some Rust code, please give testnet2 a try, we need testing and feedback. Otherwise, stay tuned, everyone is welcome to our small community. Just find a way to participate, we’ll do our best to be helpful. And Grin will become more and more user-friendly as it matures.

Godspeed, Grin.

- Igno


Any plan to release binaries during testnet2? Or is that the sort of thing we will need to wait till beta/livenet for?

That’s the sort of things we’ll prepare for a beta.

Here is a Testnet 2 faucet: https://testnet2.grinpool.co/