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probably as close as you are going to get to a political tell-all in yeast’s recent post: On Alternative MimbleWimble Projects

By now I’m quite sure the answer is a hard 0. They all be engineers who may or may not picked up some anarchist leanings by proxy, if at all.

Do i just post a history lesson, with links to my favorite primary sources? As a simple example; I think a fair few will find a judge sentencing the liberty dollar guy for counterfeiting (when the bills weren’t even green) mentioning “economic terrorism” relevant to their current profession; even if no one talks about it; and may take their security a bit more seriously.

I mean is it necessary to force a political manifesto into grin?

If the project is focused on privacy and scalability, it doesn’t need any political theming to pull off those functions.

In terms of governance, this project is already taking the grassroots method without a company, ceo, or ico to raise funds.


i am going to state that i have to agree with some of what @monkyyy says.

there are a lot of valid points raised - especially about hierarchy, governance and - perhaps most importantly - regarding the relation between donations and investment.

There has already been some “goodwill offerings” from large entities, of which publicity nor public posturing was required.

of course donations are welcome - and devlopers and community members worthy - but if they come with the baggage of “Poloniex is offering”, “Grinmint is offering”, “CypherBlock is offering”, then i am all can see the rational discord between these being called donations as apposed to investment, or even thinly veiled political positioning.

Yay someone nercod my wonderful first impression. Woooooo

Tldr they be mathz ppl, who are used to polite academic debates, and there was a cultural clash.

Just wanted to announce publicly that almost a month ago Gary Yu (@garyyu) was voted in the Grin council. My apologies for being so late in the announcement. Extremely belated welcome Gary!

The council now includes 9 members (including yours truly).


(Just want to make the info consistent and well informed, pls let me also update this original post)

And regarding myself, I will continue my contributions in Grin project, still working as a part time developer, same as before. But of course, my main time will focus on Gotts project in these near months, or near years, I don’t know exact. So, to be fair, I would prefer to resign from Grin Core team and Grin Council, since those Grin’s important decision making need much time, spirit and better to focus. Sorry about that, but please don’t worry, I’m always here, just like any other enthusiastic member in this community, to provide any help I can for Grin growing.

(The context reference: A New Journey with MimbleWimble )