Technomity new members

The technocratic committee (I’m calling it the “technomity” for now, much shorter to type) has voted a new set of members:


For background see:

The current committee composition is hence:


Additional votes may be taking place in the coming week as well.


sorry be a colossal geek but I sincerely think we should make our naming conventions as harry potter-esque as possible across the board. it is disarming (something i believe is absolutely invaluable when dealing with the export of cryptography), and forces people to lighten up, which is also a priceless social contribution. plus jk rowling was pretty libertarian.

theres the ministry of magic, the convention of warlocks, the magical maintainance dept, and the Wizengamut (the wizard supreme court). Even the Consortium of Goblinary Finance & Red-Nosed Wizard Investors []. We could genericize them as the Ministry of Magi (MOM said!) or the Convention of Wizards (COW goes MU (Mimblewimble Undertakings)). Chamber of Intermagical Affairs, aka the CIA?
edit: Assembly of Seers? Seer Association? Seers, Robust & Company?

Or at least some latin funkiness.

navem civitatis - ship of state (platos coinage of philosopher king)

technicorum magorum™ - technocracy of magi

when any forum/decision/centention/upgrade happens we will get to reference the consensus of the Guild of Witchcrafters and it will make easy decisions more fun and contentious ones less serious sounding. my two microgrin. i realize this is BS (bike shedding) and have more theughts to contribute when I get to a computer.

I wouldn’t breathe a word if i didnt think it was seriously valuable to keep things as wacky as possible to disguise serious work. I really do believe it’s a rare opportunity in branding and philosophy – don’t judge a sufficiently advanced technology by it’s cover.

even small naming conventions will go a long way to maintain this protective pseudo invisibility cloak


I still insist that a baseline questionnaire would be helpful.

Before the launch; before the money comes and makes everything oh so complicated.

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What questions would you ask? Would you like to put together such a questionnaire yourself?

And what if the core devs answers are not to your liking?

Note that their are non-core devs now in the governance group, so are you asking about devs specifically or the governance more generally? The basic answer would be fork but there are quite a few other things that could be done, depending on cases.

I’ll have to spam them with political essays; have you heard of our lord and savoir Spooner?

@igno.peverell governance, I’m ever so slightly worried about the right political views being cowarded out by rapid growth; I read my history its a thing that happens, and wouldn’t you know it when bitcoin gains 20000% in a year it rapidly grows without people knowing what they are actually getting into.

There are 8 members on the committee.

Wouldn’t it be preferable to have an odd number of members on the committee, rather than an even number?

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Its been 23 days since the first time I asked; am I to just assume the worse and that y’all secretly fbi agents?

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You should fork the project so that there is a version that is anti-fbi.

The members of this technomity are hard-working, intelligent people whose time is very valuable. As far as I know, they are volunteering for this position.

They do not owe you (or me) answers, as we did not elect or hire them.

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What @chronos said. And to the best of my knowledge, none of us are FBI agents (do they ever employ Rust developers!?).

What chronos said was hero worship bullshit. I was ignoring it because due diligence is a lesson only learned the hard way.

Your biulding a currency and crowning yourself king of it, forgive your subjects thier asking you to hold a public court so they can know the nature of the law to plan around it’s flaws.

Your asking for donations, and will soon asking for investment. I expect answers before I start making major trades, if that answer is a statement signed with 9 keys that you feel answering them individually threaten your anonymity and will refuse any questions of too high complexity into the future, that would be it’s own answer and highly preferible to ignoring it.

I really would like to know the count of anarchists; it may be inconiquental to you and Chrono but to me it determines the percentage of my savings go into this at launch, for reasons I don’t even care to explain.

Ignore the hero worship, it’s not good for you. And take heavyness of darknet currency seriously.


Your asking for donations, and will soon asking for investment.

What investment?

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We’re actually refusing all investment offers.


The ‘technomity’ is made up of entirely of people who’ve demonstrated through their actions that they’re eminently capable of contributing to the project and have undertaken to try to assist with the thankless task of project guidance. All of them have an extensive public record of Gitter conversations, Pull Requests, and comments in issues or the mailing list that anyone can sift through to draw their own conclusions. Forcing everyone on the team to answer questions such as ‘do you smoke meth’ or demanding insight into their political views isn’t just pointless, it’s downright insulting and demeaning. If somebody asked me anything like that on a job interview I’d stand up and walk out.

Nobody on this project is asking you for anything, nor will anyone be answering an arbitrary list of intrusive personal questions. If that’s not to your liking, I invite you to take the code, make your own fork and declare yourself Galactic Emperor of it.


Considering other replies in this thread and elsewhere, your persistence makes you come out as a fool. You are not so don’t act like one. If you feel sad that devs don’t pay attention to you, try elsewhere? Maybe this community is too soft for your needs.

“I’m ever so slightly worried about the right political views being cowarded out by rapid growth”

The Right Political Views… What a concept. shudder


I expected more of a fallout honestly.

@jaspervdm @tromp investment as in speculation and time and resource investment in building an ecosystem before the market actually exists; someone is going to have to write the drug market software, the ln network jerryrigging, plug and play payment service, etc.

Even if you don’t feel like your responsible for the former( you are, the orgy of this market isn’t a secret) doubtlessly you do want the latter

@Yeastplume I ask because I care <3

I didn’t ask if you smoke meth, thats a direct reference to McDonald’s(or other low wage shithole) employment questionnaire working to sort out methheads, I’ll find the reference if really necessary. Asking a leading question in the opposite way you want the answer to be so you get a more honest answer, works. I was warning you that I was disingenuous on a phasing of a question.

I expect your success, I’d rather like to take the chance to promote some politics before this reaches 4th? on the charts; I won’t be kissing your feet to do so, its not in my nature. If you find me rude feel free to give me my lumps.

“demanding insight into their political views isn’t just pointless” I’ve already stated I disagree

“If somebody asked me anything like that on a job interview I’d stand up and walk out.” I bet you’d feel differently about someone running for office; my views on government is non-standard but lets just skip to that I view currency as the most important form of government and I take statelessness very seriously. Hey look a stateless currency.

@kargakis I’m an open anarchist, pretense is something I drop quite quickly in a conversation I have practice being viewed as crazy and its awfully hard to be even understood if I don’t.

@Grinners I don’t feel like explaining the joke; but really, that followed the statement “our lord and savoir spooner” couldn’t you have either looked up how awesome spooner is( and therefore the right politics isn’t so bad) or realized that phase is going to be /s?