Agenda: Governance, Sep 25 2018

Creating a thread to solicit suggestions for agenda items for the Governance meeting to be held on Tuesday Sep 25 @ 3PM UTC in the Gitter main lobby.
Comment in thread and I will update the agenda.

Proposed agenda

  1. Agenda review
  2. Action point follow ups from previous meetings
    1. Mu-sig wallet
    2. Security researchers
  3. Risk mgmt: Risky Man has created updated Risk Mgmt documentation
  4. PoW
    1. General update
    2. Decision re Scheduled PoW upgrades proposal
  5. Emissions
    1. Discuss/Decide on The Case for Miner Controlled Emissions.
    2. Discuss whether benefits of grin emission rate should be explicit in our philosophy (as per @0xb100d below)
  6. Website (forum thread)
  7. Logo (forum thread)
  8. Other questions

Decide on scheduled PoW upgrades proposal.

Discuss whether making the hyphosesized benefits of grin emission rate explicit in our philosophy and/or more explicit in our one-liners/home pages.

I think it’s a really exciting part of the experiment, and the most explicit way to show how fair and non-greedy the project is aiming to be… which will increasingly (I imagine) set us apart from other mimblewimble coins.

Making nice with whatever multi-coin lighten network is furthest along and doing scriptless scripts voodoo.

I don’t think should take any more than the bare minimum of energy, and to that end, I think we should briefly discuss adding “Discussing personal Identity Attributes and Identity Politics are not allowed” to the CoC… my comment here:

Your copywriting expertise appreciated @lehnberg to make something to that effect as succinct and non-inflamatory as possible.

Absolutely necessary is to weak; I recall a situation were the devs disagreed that a very important question was completely unnecessary.

Also I know this identity is super tainted, you could find my ss number in probably 10 minutes. Good opsec has very little to do with the rules of a forum. They need qubes, tor and shit and to compartmentalize parts of their life. If they are careless making book references thats an attack surface.

identity politics of any kind?

To vague, modern politics has that illness in very deep, people repeating alt-right dogwhistles unintentionally is a thing. My own political movement was hit by alt-right bullshit rather hard.

If you intend to ban all politics say so(and I’ll yell about that), but that would be the effect if applied consistently; and worse then that I believe thats unrealistic as I believe this has left right bias. I don’t believe people see the identity bullshit from their own political leaning easily, I certainly don’t, and I consider myself smarter then just about everyone while also having read far more political theory then most.

[never mind, my travel schedule has changed and I’m making the call after all]