Meeting Notes: Governance, Sep 11 2018

Meeting notes

Governance meeting held Sep 11 @ 3PM UTC in grin/Lobby on Gitter, full chat transcript here.

Grin Council attendance:

Agenda points & Actions

1. Action point follow ups from previous meetings

1.1 Mu-sig wallet

  • Not yet set up
  • Suggestion to use Electrum.
  • [ ] Action on @igno.peverell to investigate and set up if suitable.

1.2 Risk mgmt document

1.3 Security Policy

2. Proof of Work update

  • Current plan (with log # edges rather than nodes):
    • T4 placeholder ASIC Friendly (AF): cuckatoo30+
    • T4 placeholder ASIC Resistant (AR): cuckatoo29
    • mainnet AF: cuckatoo32+
    • mainnet AR: TBA
  • There will definitely be an official open source plugin for the AR algo for Mainnet.
  • General advice to ASIC manufacturers would be to build the best cuckatoo32+ ASICs they can.

Action points:

  • [ ] @igno.peverell to edit the top PoW forum post + bottom post add to reflect the current thinking. Also to include a dedicated section for ASIC manufacturers with recommendations to them.
  • [ ] @tromp to add/port Cuckatoo bounties.

3. Vision/Mission/Values

Action points:

  • [ ] @lehnberg to prepare an initial take and post to Wiki.

4. Website

  • Discussion on whether there should be two websites, one focused on marketing / mainstream users and one on development tech-orientated users. Or whether one website can serve both purposes.
  • Proposal by @gary that a fundraiser be initiated to purchase (est. cost ~$20-25k.) There was not much support for this suggestion by council members.
  • Question about whether we are ready for more mainstream users at this stage.
  • Regardless of the decision we make, anyone in the community that wishes to contribute with documentation, general writing, marketing messages can do this today already. Wiki is free to use, reach out to @lehnberg for any enquiries.
  • Relevant follow up post/poll: The domain name and website for Grin

(no decision made)

5. Miner Controlled Emissions

  • Discussion of The Case for Miner Controlled Emissions.
  • Valid points raised in the forum post.
  • Questions about whether Grin should be seen as an investment or a means of transacting, with current thinking leaning towards the latter.
  • @igno.peverell: “I think the argument on that thread is sound, but the incentives are a problem, especially in the presence of cartels which mining most definitely already is”.


Feel free to raise suggestions / thoughts / comments and requests for future meeting agenda topics below!