Stratum proxy to encrypt iPollo traffic

Recent got a chicken for the pen and happy with it except … :slight_smile:…it only seems to support stratum+tcp connections (because it uses cgminer under the hood?) and I’d like to continue to support grinmint since they’ve supported the grin community since the beginning. I’d far prefer to connect on an encrypted connection but after a trawl wasn’t able to find any proxies which stood out as doing the translation.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What about a VPN? can you configure a VPN in your network?

Have a VPN but once it exits the VPN network to go to the pool the traffic is still in the clear. Want to have end-to-end encryption. Call me paranoid :wink:

Do you know if its possible to enable TLS for cgminerat all ?
Perhaps let me know here how cgminer handles TLS and an example command line.
As I am working on making changes to the iChicken here it might be possible.

From looking at the command line option tls does not seem to be supported.

Have been following your thread closely - would be great to figure out how to replace the boot source to point to the sdcard and copy cgminer to an updated version of OpenWRT :slight_smile: Will require some u-boot voodoo as far as I can tell.

Hmmm -just had a thought - might be able to add stunnel as a way of providing e2e tls. Will let you know how I get on.