Strange cuda error

I am getting a strange CUDA error that I can’t quite understand.

I am running a rig with 6 3090s, mining with bminer, on windows 10, using cuckatoo32. I have cuda 12.2 installed and have the latest GeForce drivers. Besides drivers and bminer it’s basically a clean install of windows.

Basically, my rig works fine with one gpu plugged in, and with two gpus plugged in. However, whenever I have more than two gpus plugged in I get a cuda error.

Specifically, I get a cude error driver ‘2’ failed to initialize environment on line 83.

Any guesses as to the cause or the solution?

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That is a rather specific question related to B-miner, not specifically to grin.
It would probably be better to search on their Github page if anyone has the same issue:

If not, create a new ticket. For example, this is a somewhat similar issue, perhaps you need to adjust a parameter in your arguments for the number of GPU’s?