Grin-miner 0.5.2 detects only 1 GPU

Hey guys. I’ve upgraded to 0.5.2 and installed 2 new 2080 Tis. I was running 1070 successfully with 0.5.1, but now I get error during compilation and miner detects just 1 card. Any suggestions what could went wrong?

Assuming you followed the grin-miner instructions:

  1. From your screenshot, it looks like those are only compilation warnings, not errors.
  2. Did you follow the instructions in @Yeastplume’s post about multiple GPUs? Specifically, in your grin-miner.toml file:

Hope this helps.

Great. It works! Is cuckaroo_cuda_29 the best minining algo for both cards?

Use this tool that @hendi kindly created to find out which cyclehash algo you should use for your different cards: