Main Net Grin Miner not supporting 1070s?

I have tried out the grin miner on test net, and it worked fine, but for some reason this v1.0.0 does not support 1070s, and I have read others with 1070s saying the same thing.

I am running Ubuntu 18.04 and have tried numerous installations to get the 1070s to work, and they don’t.

There are are to be 4 1070s listed on Grin Miner, but under Device Name there is nothing, and all Device ID are 0, even though grin-miner.toml was edited each with the correct device ID, as listed by newest nvidia-smi, which detects them all.

I even tried Gold Grin Miner, and that detected all 1070s.

Why isn’t the official Grin Miner detecting 1070s?