SparkPool now have more than 50% of total Hashrate

Currently sparkpool, according to the data of had 51.6% of total Grin Hashrate.
There are a lot of Mining pool now for Grin, and also for c31
So…sparkpool’s miner, change your pool and help to decentralize and make more secure the network.


Yupe, this would be a good idea.


the problem is, they are exploiting the algo, and can mine with the efficiency above the current miner available to the public.

Thats why they are using sparkpool.

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How are they exploiting it?

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Its possible that sparkpool miners have found an “efficiency improvement” in the mining algorithm(s) that nobody else knows about, giving them an advantage.
I am not saying they have.
It could also be that they have an electricity or GPU “price advantage”.
Or it could be that there are just a lot of miners who prefer that pool and dont care much about mining decentralization.

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Hi. new miner here, just for hobbie.

Maybe this is a noob question but why there is no reward incentivation for descentralization? i mean the algo should do smart scan on the network and the block reward probability to found it (the block) should be easier for solo miners while in the meantime the probability to found a block should be reduced for pools with < GPS 50 % ,for example. Otherwise it looks that is the same bad practice like mining with ASICS and real descentralization sounds like a dream, same as comunism LMAO.

But again… im noob and im just asking. @discobot what do you think?

King regards.


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Sadly there isnt really any way to reliably know where a node is located or who is running it. It could be connected using a VPN. Or it could be running on a cloud provider. A pool could run multiple wallets to appear to be decentralized.

Its a good idea, I just dont think it can work. If you have any ideas how to do it please share.

I think to reduce the likelihood of detection, you can use a VPN, or, for example, log in from another device. Well, to the edge, you can ask a close friend to come in from his device. Sorry for my English

I understand but at least we know that SparkPool got more than 50% of total hashrate so there must be a way to do a penalty system for that pool globally… this is a job for a mastermind grin devs I only talk.

If you create a financial incentive for Sparkpool to become 10 times smaller, you would suddenly find 10 Sparkpools, each of the smaller size, covertly controlled by the same entity.


matt corallo is working on a very cool project regarding mining decentralization, he is one of the masterminds within the crypto sphere, so you might wanna check it out.

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